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2010-01-28 20:25:28 by larkuknahte

Well its been quite some time since well Ive even said anything on newgrounds, but well i plan to change my whole entire style here. I know randomness wasn't good at all but im starting up the old flash program and giving my skills one more try. I will be submitting a lot more art and a lot more sound so please, look out for my new work. Thanks


2009-09-05 20:24:32 by larkuknahte

Well for the time since i have released the randomness flash, i have been plotting on a new flash. It will (most likely if i don't change it) Marios Madness. I am looking for good sources of flash sounds along with effects tutorial. (a Simple background tut will do for now). I am also looking for anyone with experience in sprites because i have been working with them for the past few weeks.

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2009-08-26 21:38:09 by larkuknahte


Aye tiss be true i be wourking on a voice audio of me doing the new starburst commercial so look out for it


2009-08-22 11:20:26 by larkuknahte

8/22/09 i might change my mind about the collab thing because ive made most of it already

also check out some of my latest art for characters and whatnot



2009-08-20 23:28:51 by larkuknahte

Yesterday i had been going through junk boxes and i came across a old stick figure comic i had made in eighth grade. It was drawn on atleats 340 sheets of collage ruled paper. It was called randomness, and boy it had everything. From egoraptors megaman spoof to alot of stuff i made up. I decided that i was going to animate the story (not all of it maybe in small sections and post it up on newgrounds for your veiwing pleasure. I will be posting art from stuff i am redoing on photoshopcs4. So yah keep you eye out for new flash (first flash) by me and i hope you will enjoy it.

I am also looking for people who would like to even help with it (art, pre-loader, music, etc. etc.) and would also like to help on future flashes i will create. Ill keep all you newgrounders updated on the release of "R@nd0mness My mind gone mad"

The true release of the flash is still unown because i am now having to deal with highscookl and that stuff so i ill be working on it in my free time. Still looking for people to help me